The First Armored Amphibian Battalion, a special battalion, the first of its kind. It was formed, trained, and deployed for combat in a period of five months. The mission of our armored amphibians (amphibious tanks) was to lead the assault on enemy-held beaches.

Our battalion led the attack across the Pacific with the landings on Roi and Namur in the Marshall Islands, Guam in the Marianas Islands, and finally Okinawa, the last great battle in World War II. If we failed or faltered, the entire operation would be placed in jeopardy. WE NEVER DID.

-Louis Metzger,
Lieutenant General,

USMC (Retired)


We are the Marine Veterans of the First Armored Amphibian Battalion, who in World War II rode and fought in amphibious tanks. We were the first of only three armored amphibian battalions, which the Marine Corps created for the war in the Pacific. Our primary mission was assault from the sea, across coral reefs, onto hostile beaches. In 23 months overseas we led the assault in three invasions of enemy strongholds: Roi and Namur islands (part of Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshalls), Guam, and Okinawa.

Deactivated in November of 1945, we began in 1977 to gather for reunions, and still hold them annually. Since our members came from all the states, we have, through the years, assembled in many parts of the country, from California to Massachusetts, from Oregon to Florida. Though our ranks have thinned, the spirit remains strong. This web site has been established both to sustain that spirit and to honor those no longer living. We dedicate this site in tribute to our fellow Marines who fell in battle on reefs and beaches far from home. We are proud to have had the honor to serve our country. God bless all Marines, past and present. Peace to our departed. We will never forget you.

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